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In the name of God

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog.

In this series, I’m going to explain inside out of my immigration story, plan and process. I hope it helps people or makes them think again.

These series will not be technical. Sorry to those who are here just for technicals.

Like any other story, we need some background to have everyone on the same page. This first post is exactly that.


I started my Android career in a small company (20 people) in Tehran. Right from the beginning, I knew I had to study hard. So I did exactly that. At first, Read every article and watched every talk I could get my hands on. I sponged the knowledge of everyone around me. It wasn’t much after that I realized I have to expand my network to learn more.

I was following every important Android-related person on Twitter. My social network of Android Community allowed me to stay up to date with the latest news of Android. I really liked online events and communication but I was missing in-person chats and talks. I wanted to show up in talks, get to know people, have a coffee with and talk about what I like most: Android. So I joined the sole Android community in my city (probably in the whole country!) Logcat.

Logcat is full of selfless people trying to give back to the community. They have an Android group on Telegram for QA/news, on top of that they organize monthly talks. So I decided to show up in one of those talks. It was flawless right the thing I needed most. Bunch of people hanging around together all talking about Android and the latest technologies, learning and leveling up each other in any way they could! After a while, I figured I need to give a talk too!

Time past I started to feel I need to learn more. I felt I need more physical friends, bigger events/talks and more Android. I felt I needed to get closer to the source of Android: Google. That’s exactly where the idea of moving to another country began.

At the time I did not have too many years of professional experience. I thought there is no chance I could find a company that would sponsor my visa and relocation. Even though my English language was not bad I did not have a certificate for it. I never finished university and my most recent higher education certificate was Associate degree. I did not have a pocket full of savings. All of these and many more were just a few things that kept me from even thinking about this idea.

Besides, My wife is not a developer so she might not be able to see it as I do. All that enthusiasm was mine and mine alone. So I had to see if I could convince my wife to go with me. It took us a while to agree on some ground and see it as a discussable idea.

So I started researching and thinking. At first, it does not look that complicated! It might even look like you are moving to another city but trust me it is not! I knew a thing or two from the times I used to live in South Africa. But this time felt very different. I had a family to care for. I had to spend almost all of my savings to make it smooth, I had to find a job before moving and…

After months of evaluating our decision, talking and consulting with friends we decided to actually do it. It seemed everything that I thought was a blocker could be put aside and forget about. But I’m going to explain about them in upcoming posts.

I’m usually a person who gets himself into the situation and then thinks about what we should do. But my favorite approach was not good enough for this move. I needed a road map to avoid getting lost during the process. After reaching out to a few people (who went through this process before) I put together these steps:

  1. Set your goal and get ready for a huge change
  2. Save a lot of money
  3. Write eye-catching resume
  4. Write a cover letter
  5. Prepare for interview
  6. Interview
  7. Negotiate about the Offer
  8. Decide which offer/company like to sign a contract with and sign it
  9. Tell parent you are leaving them
  10. Start the VISA process
  11. Pack, sell and store all of your stuff
  12. Get the VISA
  13. Sort out the Accommodation at destination City
  14. Book a flight
  15. Final Goodbyes and farewells with the rest of family and friends
  16. Get on that flight and start a new unknown journey!

I know it might be more than what you expected but I can tell you I still did not include all steps.

As you can see the journey is not simple nor straight forward. Also, this is not 100% so you should expect to find people (quite easily) that gone through a whole different approach or their steps were different. This is how I did it.

Now that we know where it all started let’s wrap this post.

I’m going to explain how I progressed every step in detail in upcoming posts. make sure to come back and check for more

I’m going to wrap up this post before going any further. The next parts are going to have their own post.

Let me know if you have gone through the same journey or had a similar experience in the comments. Happy to hear different stories every day.

As always you can find me on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.



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