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Hi everyone I’m Seyed Jafari and this is my blog

I’m an Android Engineer who likes to read and develop every day. I have created this blog to pay back my debt to the community by sharing my day to day challenges, learnings, and ideas.

To be honest I did not think it would take this long to actually get started! everybody told me WordPress is the easiest to get started with and it is not much you need to do/know! man, it took me almost two months to get it running. I know it’s different person to person but still, I had the feeling that it should have been easier! for people who are curious some of the steps I took to run this blog is as follows:

  1. Buy a domain (
  2. Buy a Host (changing 3 times even though I’m just starting)
  3. Install WordPress (can’t tell how many times I have done this!)
  4. Activate Https (it can go messy)
  5. Find a theme (phew!)
  6. Getting to know around and customize that theme.
  7. Find some good plugins
  8. Start writing. (finally)

Here is  a brief explanation of these steps:

1. Buy a domain

I think this is the easiest step. you can use any site but I used this one. try to find an available domain that you like and make the purchase.

2. Buy a Host

This was the trickiest step for me and here is why: at first I bought a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and it was some good time I had control of everything and anything except money! I could not afford that server just for a blog so I had to move away and buy a limited option which is called Host. AFAIK VPS and Host are pretty much the same except Hosts are limited on resources and sometimes shared with others to reduce the price. to buy a host you don’t have to do much just find a plan that suits your needs the best. I used this website.

3. Install WordPress

Depending on what option you chose on the prevoius step this step will change. if you go with a VPS you will have to take care of everything on the other hand if you choose to go with a Host you may use the setup wizard of the Host provider to install the WordPress. but general steps to get it up and running is:

  1. Download WordPress from their official website
  2. Upload it to your Server/Host
  3. UnZip it
  4. Copy the content into your public folder (publichtml or something like this)
  5. Install MySql
  6. Create a new DataBase
  7. Create a new DataBase User and set the privileges
  8. Open your Server/Host Ip/Domain in the browser
  9. Follow the WordPress installation wizard
  10. Done

You need to ask your Server/Host provider for the steps to pair your Domain with your WebSite.

4. Activate Https

At first, it looked frightening to me. I did not know where to begin. the only thing I knew was that Let’sEncrypt is free! but it turned out to be a lot easier to set up an SSL/TLS on a Host. first, you have to contact your Host provider to issue a certificate for you. then you have to enable SSL for your entire website. that’s done by using a WordPress plugin called Really Simple SSL.

5. Find a Theme

For me, this was the hardest step! there are a ton of Themes out there and they are all good. my first approach was to just look at the blogging themes! but later I found I can literally choose anything I want and then customize it. so this one is absolutely on your desire. make sure you take your time in finding a theme because customizing takes time and usually does not worth to change the theme after you are done with customization.

6. Getting to know around and customize that theme

Familiarize your self with WordPress and your theme as much as you can it gives you more power and flexibility.

7. Find some good plugins

WordPress is pretty popular and the community is very active thus you will find thousands of thousands of plugins and guides. I can name a few that I’m using currently to get you started:

  1. iThemes Security Pro
  2. Reading Time WP
  3. Really Simple SSL
  4. WP Review Pro
  5. YellowPencil Pro
  6. Yoast SEO Premium

just be careful not go crazy with themes cause they will slow down your website or leave you at risk

8. Start writing

The rest is on you on how to fill the content of your website


After all this, you might ask why I bothered with creating a personal blog and not use Blog platforms that are already out there like Medium? the answer to this question is different person to person. but my idea was to have a website of my own to be able to express my self the way I like it. I always thought I need to have a portfolio page to keep track of my projects. beside the personal feeling, I really don’t like the way most of the blogging platforms are going right now. for example, Medium is forcing users to buy a subscription to continue reading without letting the authors know.


After all, this site is up and running and you will see me writing about Android, Kotlin, Libraries, Personal interests and lots of other topics. I’m just beginning with blogs and writings so any comment or suggestion is highly appreciated.

Big shoutout to my family and Donn FelkerSaeed Mosleh, Hamid Alinezhad, Mehdi Zamani, Arash Ramez, Keyvan Esbati and anyone who helped me during this process.

I’m always up for a chat so if you are interested, feel free to ping me on Twitter.


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